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Bashkir soda company informs you01.09.2018

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Dear Customers,

More recently, cases of fraud are more frequent. The fraudsters use various methods to mislead consumers of our company's products. Under the guise of JSC BSC and LLC Trading House Bashkhim, commercial offers are being sent from e-mail addresses not belonging to our companies, mirror sites with forged contact information are created.

Please note that all e-mail addresses of JSC BSC have an ending - @soda.ru and the LLC Trading House Bashkhim - @td-bkh.ru.

Please be careful! If there is any doubt about the accuracy of the information sent to you, please contact the company representatives. You can find the effective telephone numbers, as well as contacts of authorized persons on our official websites - www.soda.ru; www.td-bkh.ru.

Contact telephone numbers: +7 (495) 532-04-40, 970-00-09