Social responsibility

One of the major priorities of the Company is the welfare of employees and their families.

JSC “BSC” takes an active part in charity contributions and different social programs of the city and the republic.

Targets for contributions of the city-forming enterprise are very broad. Education institutions – schools and kindergartens, secondary and professional schools, children’s homes – are under the special attention of the company. With the received funds they are able to do renovations, buy toys, teaching aids and furniture.      

“Bashkir Soda Company” supports not only financially; pupils and students are able to attend tours in the Museum of Labor Glory of the enterprise, Ivan Skuin Geology Museum and various festive events. Support of talented and gifted children – artists, musicians and the ones who simply needed help – always resonated with company Management.             

The program of targeted sponsoring aid to the City Hospital No.4 (Sterlitamak) is developed and being realized successfully. The major part of the funds is directed for capital renovations, purchase of medical equipment, office machines, furniture and household equipment.       

Financial support of various municipal and national projects is also under the eye the company. One of which is involvement of “Bashkir Soda Company” into large-scale reconstruction of city’s old part as a part of preparation for 250th anniversary of Sterlitamak. The company consistently shares sponsoring assistance to hold sport competitions, as well as the events organized by representatives of traditional confessions.    

Its policy social priorities are going to be maintained by the company as well in the future.