Council of veterans

Company’s Management gives special attention to the employees retired on a pension.

An important area of social policy of the Bashkir soda company can rightly be called taking care of the company's veterans. In 2016, the company allocated more than 82 million rubles to provide financial assistance to non-working pensioners, support for war veterans, widows and home front workers, and purchase vouchers for Spa treatment.

Supporting the initiative of the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan to create a "People's University of the third age", the company organized free computer courses for pensioners. Teachers, who became employees of the company, made a special program for them. Pensioners were taught to communicate with friends and relatives via video link, to correspond by e-mail, to find answers to questions on the global Internet.

The tradition of inviting pensioners to a festive event dedicated to the day of the elderly appeared ten years ago. This is one of the most heartfelt corporate projects of the Bashkir soda company. Veterans come to the city Palace of culture for a tea party and a festive concert, and are happy to receive congratulations from the city's management and the company.

Familiarization bus tours to explore the native land are very popular among veterans of the company. Detailed reports on excursions are published in corporate Newspapers, one of which – "veteran of the soda company" - was created specifically for pensioners of the company and is, perhaps, the only specialized corporate publication for pensioners in the Republic.