Labor union

After joining the primary labor union organization of Bashkir Soda Company is now the most numerous of Roskhimprofsoyuz in Republic of Bashkortostan.

The main goal of the trade Union is to improve living and working conditions, protect individual and collective social and labor rights and interests of trade Union members.

To regulate social and labor relations, the company has a collective agreement that covers a wide range of the most important issues: remuneration, working conditions, labor safety and security, compensation payments and benefits. Young workers are provided with financial assistance when returning from the Russian Army, starting a family, giving birth to a child, and so on. for children of employees, vouchers are purchased to country camps and children's sanatoriums at discounted prices, as well as sweet gifts for the New year.

The estimate for the implementation of the collective agreement activities for 2017 exceeds 187 million rubles.

The primary professional organization of the enterprise has repeatedly won the first place in the Republican contest "for high social efficiency and development of social partnership", and became the winner of the contest "Strong trade unions-reliable socio-economic protection of workers".

The main task of the BSK trade Union organization is to preserve and increase the good traditions that have a 70-year history.

The number of trade Union members in BSK today is more than 6,300 people – this is 70 % of employees.